Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pictures of the Clear Hole Puncher

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Reflection On Clear Hole Puncher

Clear Hole Puncher Reflection

          I did research and tried to find another clear hole puncher that already been made. I didn't find any, so I supposed that we wouldn't be copying anybody. We realized that this object could really help the world. Teachers, workers, anybody that uses a hole puncher daily would be thrilled to see that a bunch of eleven year old kids came up with an idea that changed the hole puncher forever. Now, people won't ever mess up a hole punch and it will pave the road for clear staplers. Our idea, could save time and frustration from a lot of people.

           Will S. did all of the designing on Tinkercad. Charlie M. and I worked on the Science Enhancement Book while Will did the design. Will had tons of struggles making it perfect for people to use. It took him many weeks to finally get the right shape and size. Charlie and I supported him for doing the designing and he supported us for doing the booklet. By using this technique, we could get tons of work done unlike other groups who had all three partners working on one thing. Will ended up doing a great job on the design and Charlie and I did great on the Science Enhancement Book.

           There were a lot of problems. We had to think of a good idea that they could make with a 3D printer. We thought of a lot of ideas, but we picked the clear hole puncher, which was not an easy decision. On Tinkercad, we had to get some practice to start building our design. Once we got the hang of it, William S. started to make the design. At first, Will had a lot of trouble making the design, but he kept chugging. When writing our Science Book, I had some trouble with using the right words and it took me a while, but in the end, we ending up having an amazing project. Even with all of the group struggles and my individual problems, we still worked and it has got us here. We never gave up and kept on trying no matter how many problems we faced.